Group Coaching

Like 1:1 sessions, you must be ready to show up for yourself completely and honestly.  I will guide you, challenge you, and hold you accountable to your mind + body + soul goals but you will be a part of a supportive group environment.  Group coaching offers collective wisdom at a great value!

When you join a group coaching program, you will receive:

  • Two 75-minute group phone sessions (or in-person as agreed by all the parties) per month for three months to discuss mind + body + soul goals and action steps to reach those goals;
  • One 30-minute one-on-one phone sessions per month for three months to discuss your mind + body + soul goals and action steps to reach your goals;
  • Unlimited email support between sessions; and
  • Collaboration and support from a community of like-minded people

As a client of group coaching, you can expect:

  • A personal support system with individuals sharing your journey;
  • To gain a new perspective and insights on a particular situation due to collective wisdom of the group;
  • A team of like-minded individuals invested in your success;
  • A collaboration to achieve and maintain a healthy relationship with all aspects of your mind + soul + body health; and 
  • Support, advice, and guidance to achieve the best possible you

Interested? Contact me for upcoming group coaching programs!

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