In case I haven’t made it abundantly clear, I had surgery. Hip surgery, to be exact. Labrum repair and osteoplasty (fancy word for bone shaving and reshaping) to be REALLY exact. Post-surgery, I suffered from terrible sickness for about 2.5 weeks, nauseous and afflicted with nausea’s, ummm, violent offspring. I also enjoyed migraines, fevers, and stupid, horrible pain that awoke me at night. By week 3 post-surgery, even if I couldn’t walk (more on that later), I felt a helluva lot better. Exhausted, but better. It was around this point I examined my diet before and while laid-up: a lot of fruits and veggies, some pizza, a bit of noodles, my weight in cheese, gallons of ice cream, a decent amount of homemade meals, and troughs of Coke Zero. WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?

I justified all the dairy with my dire calcium needs, which is a somewhat reasonable excuse. The body treats osteoplasty like a broken bone meaning, among other things, that my body needed to re-calcify the “broken” bone. And I really needed ALL that dairy because I drank so much damn soda and soda leaches calcium from the bones. So, no harm, no foul…except that I ATE GALLONS OF ICE CREAM AND DRANK TROUGHS OF SODA. I felt pretty terrible about myself. Sound familiar? 

Realizing that my diet went awry, I did what any reasonable post-surgery mind + body + soul coach that falls off the wagon would do. I drank a Coke Zero and meditated. When I came back to reality, I remembered that I’m an awesome person and that I possess an arsenal of tools to reset my diet, or food lifestyle as I prefer to call it. You can use ‘em, too!

Here’s how to hit the reset button:

  • Practice self-compassion and try not to assign blame, shame, or guilt to yourself because you ate gallons of ice cream or your weight in cheese. You’re not a failure, worthless, ugly, stupid, or any thought coursing through your head. You’re human. That’s all. And those terrible thoughts in your head are just thoughts and, luckily, you are NOT your thoughts.
  • Drink lots of water. Flavor your water with your favorite fruit or drink sparkly unsweetened water. Just drink a lot of it. Water increases energy, helps your body convert food into nutrients, and may reduce feelings of hunger.
  • Crowd out the food or drink items you would like to remove from your food lifestyle. In addition to that Coke Zero, drink a giant glass of water. Complement your pound of cheese with my personal fav, apples. While eating that giant slice of pizza, enjoy an even larger salad.
  • Move. If you can only walk a bit, walk. If you like yoga, go to a class. However you can or like, move. Exercise boosts the happy chemicals in your brain and increases self-confidence.

I used these tools and I’m on my way back to my typical food lifestyle. Not 100% there, but on my way. YAY! (Note: More than a year post-surgery, I can happily report that I’m no longer drinking soda, do not really eat dairy, and cannot remember the last slice of pizza I ate. But I’m also going on vacation TODAY, so…)

Let me know how you hit the reset button! Are you struggling with more healthy mind + body + soul health? Lemme know!

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