Note: I wrote this post on October 8, 2015, several weeks following my hip labrum repair surgery. Although the content is dated, the message is nonetheless valuable.

There’s this idea in the business world that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. Although I generally agree sweating that is, negatively ruminating, about the small stuff is unhealthy, the small things are, in fact, oftentimes magical. 

 And the things for which I am truly grateful. 

Take this morning for example: It’s day 22 post-surgery and I’m depressed and angry because I can’t walk when my phone lights up. It’s a long-time family friend calling from Chicago. I grew up with this friend (not divulging his name for his and his family’s privacy) and he’s so much like family that I included him, his wife, and their daughter in my family wedding pictures. Before today, the last time I actually talked with my family friend was 2.5 YEARS ago, when I was lamenting (OK, hard-core complaining) about the politics surrounding my consideration for partner at my prior firm. He called because I failed to let him know that I wouldn’t be in Chicago for that little marathon this weekend; in other words, he was calling to find out my plans so we could meet up this weekend. 

Needless to say, I told my friend about my hip surgery and that because walking was iffy at best, running was a no-go. During that 26 minute conversation, my friend and I picked off right where we left off nearly three years ago. That itself was small and beautifully amazing.  Then, when we said our goodbyes, my friend upped the ante. He said, “you’re such an important person to me – you’re family.” 

Such a small thing to say and it was everything. I’m still glowing inside and out.  

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